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About Us

The H.U.B. Austin is the brainchild of brain trainer Brenda Laurent from Reach for Success and Kat Karli, a brain trainer and homeschool mama of 3.  We are a mother/daughter team whose goal is to serve the Cedar Park and Leander community by empowering parents with the skills and tools they need to help their children learn efficiently and effectively. We both have a passion for learning and are currently doctoral students, graduating the summer of 2024. We enjoy learning all about the brain, nervous system and how to help the body reach homeostasis. 

Brenda is a veteran homeschool mother herself who has 20 years experience as a brain trainer. 
Her interest in helping children started with being able to help her own children succeed and has blossomed into 2 brain training offices (one in Leander and one in Dallas). Kat is a mom who had 2 out of 3 children prematurely.  In an effort to help them reach milestones on time, Kat and Brenda
(or Gigi as the kids call her) began playing with activities to help with brain and body connection and found that they quickly caught up to their peers despite their early arrivals.  Every parent wants to see their child succeed.  It's our mission to help give you the tools you need to get where you want to go.     

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