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      Parental Zoom Classes 

To help support both the homeschooling and other schooling communities, we offer zoom classes for parents.  The classes are 90 minutes.  The first hour is devoted to a topic and the last 30 minutes (as time allows) are devoted to answering questions.  Classes are $20 billed through Stripe.  Please send us an email with a few questions and we will send you the Stripe payment information. You may contact us through the contact form below.  You must be paid in full to receive the Zoom link and it will be sent to you on the day of the class in your email. These classes will have upcoming dates if they are being offered in the near future or we are happy to offer any of these classes to a group of 3 or more families.   


The first class in our series is called "I'm Homeschooling, Now What?" and is geared towards setting goals for the year and assessing your child's educational needs.  We discuss setting up your homeschooling space for success, as well as sharing some of our personal tips and tools we've used in our own homeschooling journeys.  This class will be co-taught by Brenda Laurent, a veteran homeschool mother with 20 years of experience as a brain trainer and tutor, and Kat Karli a homeschool mom of 3 who has run a homeschooling co-op for 7 years and was homeschooled herself.    

The second class in our series is called "I Have a Visual Spatial Learner, Now What?". Visual spatial learners are often the most misunderstood learning type and can struggle in the classroom due to thinking primarily in pictures instead of words. Is your child a building extraordinaire? Do them seem to struggle with listening? Do they have trouble doing things in sequential order? Are they one of those crazy kids who starts puzzles from the middle and works outward? Do they mix up which direction their letters go? If so, this is the class the class for you! We have tons of proven tricks and tips for helping your visual spatial learner process information and use their "superpower" for success in the classroom. 

The third class in our series is called "Why is Handwriting so Hard?". If your child struggles with legible handwriting, spacing, endurance with writing and/or backwards letters, this class is for you!  Handwriting is particularly difficult for dysgraphic kiddos, but many kids struggle when it comes time to write.  In this class, we discuss the 4 stages of handwriting grips and how to encourage getting to the next stage, tips for increasing legibility and endurance, and correct letter formation.  


The fourth class in our series is called "Stopping Meltdowns: Emotional Regulating Secrets".  If your child gets stuck in emotional loops they cannot get out of, gives pushback during academics or has emotional reactions disproportional to what has happened, this is the class for you.  In this class, we discuss crossing the midline activities and why they are helpful for emotional control.  We also talk about age appropriate emotional expectations for your child as well as tips and tricks for reducing the duration and amount of meltdowns your child is experiencing.  

The fifth class in our series is called "How to Increase Endurance and Attention".  In this class, we discuss why certain activities are difficult to do for longer periods and what to do about it.  We discuss brain balancing exercises to get the most out of school time and other tricks for creating a longer attention span in your child.  


The sixth class in our series is called "Brain Organizing Movements for Success in the Classroom".  In this class, we discuss the physical structure of the brain as well as how 

midline crossing activities inspire optimal brain organization.  We talk about who can benefit from these movements (spoiler alert: everyone!) and how they can help your child's academic and extracurricular activities reach a new level of success.  This is an excellent class for families who have children who struggle with attention, emotional regulation and organization.    

The seventh class in our series is called "Time is a Circle: Time Management for Kids Who Struggle".  In this class, we talk about tricks and tips for telling time, keeping track of our time and organizing our time so that projects and assignments are completed when they are due.  Visual spatial children often struggle with time management and think of time in a circle as opposed to a line. This class explains their thought process and ways to support time management in a way they can relate to.  






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